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Bookboon (/bʊkbuːn/) n.

People often ask us about the meaning of our name, Bookboon. According to Oxford Dictionaries a “boon” is “a thing that is helpful or beneficial”. That is what we have set out to do when it comes to eBooks. With a mission to provide everyone access to helpful and practical personal development content on an easy-to-use platform, a “boon” is exactly what we hope to deliver.

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Bite-sized eBooks with Impact

We want to make it easy for everyone to develop themselves through high-quality learning content. This starts at university. We provide students with free textbooks written by professors from the world’s top universities, covering topics from Engineering and IT to Economics and Business. It continues in the workplace. We work with industry-leading authors to give you, as a professional, exclusive access to an incredibly easy-to-use library with hundreds of practical eBooks on soft skills and personal development -- all through one affordable monthly subscription. We constantly update and expand our collection, so, you can discover new books, written exclusively for Bookboon, every week.

Practical, digestible and easy-to-use

Making knowledge accessible doesn’t just mean making it affordable. For us, it is a priority that anyone can use our eBooks anywhere at any time. That’s why we’ve created a very easy-to-use platform that can be accessed online and offline that allows you to find your eBooks and start reading within just a few clicks. You can finish any one of our hands-on eBooks in 1 to 2 hours allowing you to implement tomorrow what you’ve learned today. After all, you don’t know what challenges might arise for which you need some inspiration.

A solution for all Teams

We know how important ease of use is to you, as well as high quality content that can help your team. So we developed a set of features and AI engines to make this as simple for you as possible. As an admin, you can add or remove users to your team(s) and create multiple teams if you want your different departments/groups/teams to focus on different learning topics. Furthermore, you can set yourself up as a single payer, or let your team members pay individually.