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Struggling with business change? Try another leadership style.

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Great leaders inspire people to perform at their best. They vary their leadership style to suit the situation. Let’s consider three styles: Commander, Conductor or Coach. Try a fresh approach to expand your leadership toolkit. Organisations need leaders who can flex their style to tackle unexpected changes in the environment.A wise person, said Confucius, adapts themselves to the situation, as water shapes itself to a vessel. Why style matters in leadership A Gallup report (2019) found that a good leader…

Six Ways to Prevent Burnout at Work

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Are you yearning for a break? Are you longing for the vacation of your dreams? Is work irritating you and work-related stress consuming you? Here are six ways to prevent stress and burnout at work. This article is written by Venkatesh Ganapathy, author at Bookboon Learning. 1.    Meditate, meditate, meditate. Mental health advocates and therapists recommend meditation. A famous spiritual guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has always emphasized the importance of breathing. If you meditate for 5 to 10 minutes…

Andrew Barnes on the origins of the Four Day Week

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I first heard about the Four Day Work Week campaign at the HR Productivity Summit in London on 31st January 2019. The speaker from Guardian Perpetual, an estate planning company in New Zealand explained how their founder, Andrew Barnes, had decided to introduce a four-day workweek as a trial. The logic was simple. Employees would do 100% of their work in 80% of their past working hours, which would be four days, and if customer service levels remained at 100%…

Presentation skills: How do I handle tough questions and interjections?

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presentation skills

The top fear for presenters is questions or interjections that are loaded. Emotionally loaded. Individuals (and whole audiences) can be skeptical, resentful, annoyed, angry… the list is long. Here’s how to respond so that you gain respect, even from those who still disagree with your argument. …

3 Ways to Work Less But Achieve More

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less is more

Would you like to make more impact for less work in your business communications? We thought so! We’ll show you how….

An Introduction to Abeceder Quotation Conversations

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Person holding speech bubbles

It all started when I was given a copy of the third volume of Charles Moore’s biography of Margaret Thatcher the first female Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, as a birthday present….

4 eBook and audio titles to help you strive at work and in your personal life

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This January, we are introducing a selection of motivational and educational titles to help you be more inspired, productive and resilient at work. You will discover how humour can positively influence every aspect of business life and how Fun, Fear and Focus are needed for your brain to perform at its optimal level. Find out how to transform how you think, innovate and navigate change to lead a more creative and positive life….

Hi Tech Hi ‘Touch’

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Touch in a Covid environment means a relationship connection. Written by Bookboon Author, David Wright. 50 years ago, when technology was beginning to impact on the workplace, the vision was Hi Tech Hi Touch. This meant that as people began to stick their heads in computers (Hi Tech), they would also need good socialisation (Hi Touch) in order to sustain them in the workplace. In reality, we witnessed very little Hi Touch at the time. Many years later, employers started…